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Steppenwolf Theatre Company 


Steppenwolf Theatre Company presents the highly anticipated world premiere comedy, The Doppelgänger (an international farce) written by Chicagoland native Matthew-Lee Erlbach (Showtime's Masters of Sex, Off-Broadway's Handbook for an American Revolutionary). Directed by ensemble member Tina Landau (SpongeBob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical), this hilarious farce features an 11-member cast led by actor and comedian Rainn Wilson, well-known for his role as "Dwight Schrute" on NBC's award-winning comedy The Office, in the role of Thomas Irdley/Jimmy Peterson. The cast features Steppenwolf's newest ensemble member Celeste M. Cooper alongside fellow ensemble members Audrey Francis, Ora Jones, Sandra Marquez and James VincentMeredith with acclaimed actors Michael Accardo, Whit K. Lee, Andy Nagraj and Karen Rodriguez.


Whit's Doppelganger Reviews:

Rachel Weinberg Reviews

"Whit K. Lee is manic and entertaining as the young American entrepreneur Wen. Wen only wants cheap copper for his electronic devices, and yet Lee is delightful when he becomes swept up in the shenanigans of those around him."

Buzz Center Stage by Ken Payne

"Steppenwolf smartly provides Wilson with an airtight supporting cast of premium talent... Whit K. Lee as businessman Wen Xiaoping... can do no wrong, also piercingly funny in several scenes."

Daily Harold by Barbara Vitello

"The performances are delightfully broad. Landau, who has a flair for physical comedy, sets a breakneck pace, one her first-rate cast ably maintains."


"With an ensemble that reflects Steppenwolf’s historic past and their pursuit of an even richer future (...Whit K. Lee... you have to squint just to behold the glint of such immaculate brilliance), “The Doppelgänger” seems poised for enormous success."

Chicago Tonight by Hedy Weiss

"Wen Xiaoping (the fleet [of foot]... Chinese-American tech prodigy Whit K. Lee) ... [is one of the]entertaining mix of house guests."

Steven Oxman - For the Sun-Times

"There’s the Asian-American entrepreneur from Silicon Valley (Whit K. Lee) who needs the copper for his plan to power the world with green energy... The performances are broad and superb.

Chicago Theater Review by LAWRENCE BOMMER

Erlbach and Landau make ten of Chicago’s finest actors attempt anything for a laff.

Chicago Tribune by Chris Jones

"Wen Xiaoping, a tech dude in need of cheap copper (Whit K. Lee)"

TheatreMania Adelaide Lee 

"high-rolling tech bro Wen Xiaoping (Whit K. Lee)"

Splash Magazine by Debra Davy

"Whit K. Lee as the quintessential Silicon mogul techie nerd"